> Reels and hydrants
Reels and hydrants
Upon approval of the authorities, the fire-hose reels and hydrants are connected to the sprinkler system. In this way, too many pipes and wires are installed in and around a building.

Hydrants are required to use the repressive service of the fire department. These hydrants can be installed on the spot, but also close to the access doors of the building. Regarding the connection of hydrants with the sprinkler system, you have to foresee extra tank capacity.

Foto van een haspelFoto van een hydrant

Fire-hose reels are installed to extinguish a beginning fire, but only for this purpose. You are not allowed to use if for a bucket of water or to hose a floor. Abuse of the fire-hose reel connected to a sprinkler system will be immediately reported and punished accordingly.