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Is fire protection really necessary?
Of course, fire protection is important. Too many disasters happened in the past where social and economical damages were almost incalculable. The authorities are more and more often called to account for their responsibility during the building process that is strict fire protection inspections. The insurers evaluate on behalf of the insurance company the risks to be covered.

Based on the risk inventory, you can choose if you are going to take measures or pay more insurance premiums, or even worse, that you are not insured in case of fire. Fire protection is important, from a social point of view; fire protection is available both for man and animal. From an economical point of view, fire protection also matters for your operational management. These industrial damages affect accordingly and directly the social interest.

ABSS focuses on only one interest: that is yours. With our expert assistance, we will provide and implement systems achieving a maximum result in your favour in an economic way.